content marketing and video production


Brand creates loyalty


 "Brand updates are crucial to keeping

your brand relevant to consumers"

- FastCompany


Clearly define the unique identity of your business and separate from your competition.

LEEN brand design and brand communications unifies your profile. From site, to listings, to social media, to print - customers need to know what makes you special and what you dobetter than the rest. We are practiced at brand discovery and have made the process easy and affordable.

LEEN specializes in branding and re-branding for the small business. Our branding work in the hospitality, retail and non-profit sectors has helped us develop a quick and efficient branding process that will save you time and money.


When images, video and copy consistently reflect your identity, you become more familiar and memorable.

  • Mission Statement
  • Slogan
  • Core Messages
  • Logo
  • Palette
  • Image
  • Voice