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Use video to teach, entertain, and connect with your social media fan base and email subscribers. Unlike most video content lists, here are loads of detailed ideas for more than 20 specific businesses and loads of general ideas that can be adapted to many more. You can hire out a pro like Leen Solutions to produce your video but every one of these ideas can be shot on a smartphone and edited with a minimum of expertise. Don’t forget, to include a call to action every time you share a video: call for a quote, click our website link for details, take advantage of this offer, etc.


Everyone immediately thinks a testimonial is about a customer experience but employees and business partners can talk about customer interactions and great service as well. Getting a customer testimonial is as easy as asking. (Pro Tip: If your client says yes, be sure to get it in writing or on video with a full understanding where it will be shown and for how long. This is called a subject release.) When you are ready, you can simply set up a Skype call and use their free video recorder software.

  • Auto Parts: Profile employee helping a customer and talking about how the job is always interesting because you have to be a problem solver.
  • Hair salon: Try to get a representative from your favorite product to get on camera. They can explain how they love partnering with a business that can tell the difference between any other hair shampoo and the quality of their product. This idea works especially great if you sell the product in store. Look to leverage a cross-promotion and make a version of the video with shots of your business so they can also share on their social media channels.

How to.

Everyone wants to learn, but sometimes you are to close to what you make or do…so ask your staff, your friends, and your family.

  • Restaurant: give a cooking tip and turn your chef into a media star.
  • Cleaning Company: Share your cleaning hacks. If you love a product, try some business-to-business networking by sharing your video and then following them on their social media channels. They might just distribute your content to their followers.

Season change.

Color clues and visuals are critical here such as light green for spring, leaves for autumn and so on. Give the signal that a change of season or year is the time to act.

  • Clothing retailer: Remind your fans of what is trending for the upcoming season and what you have in stock.
  • Accountant: January is a good time to start reminding them about those tips to an improved return.


People are highly engaged while watching how things work. Showing a small part of a process, which is visually interesting, can drive traffic to a website landing page where you can unpack a full explanation.

  • Nail Salon: If you are trying to up-sell a powder gel, or a new trending look, show part of the process in a tight shot. Don’t forget to show your company name, location and add a link to your website. After all, you hope they share it with a friend.
  • Sports Clothing Store: Show the midriff of a fit man swinging a racket or taking a basketball shot then lifting his shirt off his chest. Add type on a colored background that says “Keep cool in Dri-Fit. On sale till Sept.” Don’t forget your logo and website.


Any team and any business owner can make a video thanking their customers. Doing it each year is a great way to build loyalty. Many businesses do this in an email and what is more exciting than opening an email with a group shot of the whole company saying “Thank you!”

  • Pediatrician: Back to school is a busy time and you count on that billing. Show a kid stepping on the scale and getting measured while telling your clients how much you love measuring the kids and seeing how healthy they are after summer break. Behind the Scenes. Anyone can be enticed to engage in a sneak peek – it goes straight to human nature. If they didn’t want to closer to your business, they wouldn’t be a social media fan of your business to begin with. Give them the goods and find a way to brand it to your business model on a regular basis.

Behind the Scenes.

  • Educator: Show some of what goes on in in class. Even seeing people file in and raise their hands to ask a question or part of an introduction to a lesson is great motivation to find out more.
  • Wedding Planner: How about a time lapse of all that goes into the day of set up? What better way to show all the details you help to orchestrate for the special day. Event. Don’t miss out on taking video of a special event. Even if you don’t get around to sharing this year, you can use it to tease the event next year.


  • Bookstore: Don’t make everyone research the author or hunt for a synopsis. Hold up the book and give your own review. That’s the added touch that makes you different from the big box stores – you know the product better.


Everyone loves to get something for less so build excitement with a fun video that people will want to share. Using graphics is important and of course seeing words like “On Now”, “Big” or “Blow Out” trigger a quick response when written out.


Think up a clever happening to get new customers in the door or try your product.  One of the most genius food trucks I ever saw was selling Russian food and had a bunch of big chested blond men stand out front with their shirts off rattling off Putin-isms.

  • Mexican restaurant: It’s Cinco de Mayo and every year you hire a Mariachi band to play around the neighborhood and hand out cards or wear tees with your name on it.
  • Petshop: A meow or a tail wag is all you need! Stage a small scale professional backdrop with your store name banner or wallpaper with your logo. Have a few costume pieces to loan out and announce that your pet photo booth is open for a month.


If you have scaled up, get out the bullhorn and let your fans know. Every business has important markers along the way.

  • Ecommerce start-up: You just sold something to your ten thousandth customer and they got half off.
  • School: You have been open for 50 years. Take a nostalgic tour of then to now with a photo montage.

Answer a Question.

Turn your most asked FAQs into videos.

  • Flower shop: when do I know I should repot a plant?
  • Beauty product retailer: How do I know what lipstick color is the best for me?
  • Financial Advisor: Why do I have to give so much personal information before we get started investing?

Introduce Your Team.

Unless you are suffering from personnel churn, turn your leadership talent into dedicated employees by introducing them to your customers. Even if you have a small following, you could benefit if this employee shared the post with their network. Make it simple and light like, “Howdy I’m Mike and originally from Texas. That’s the last time you’ll ever hear me say, howdy because I manage our chat team, which answers your support questions 24/7.”

Show Your Authority.

Rehearse one part of your event and share it on Facebook Live.  Facebook is favoring live video content above all else so don’t miss out on cutting through the marketing noise.  If you are more comfortable recording a video that you can do over or edit, consider putting some of the keywords in type over the video.

  • Lawyer: focus on results such as “we have helped thousands of woman get their ex-husbands to pay their fair share of child support.”
  • Fitness trainer: Show your own six pack and make people confident you can sculpt their bodies in the same way.

Before and After.

We are compelled to study before and after and the more dramatic the change is, the longer we are engaged. Now try that on video and slow it down and you have a riveting transformation.